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Remedial Massage Therapy


Remedial massage therapy is designed to target and release deep tissue muscles and tendons, while also helping to release tight fascia. This helps aid the body in injury prevention and pain reduction, improves range of motion in joints and helps reduce muscle pain caused from overuse or poor posture.  


1 hour: $65.00

30 minutes: $45.00


We offer concession and pensioner discounts and also happily cater for longer massages. Please get in touch to find out more.



Relaxation/Swedish Massage


Relaxation massage combines a number of techniques and is designed to help relax the body with a softer approach to remedial massage. The use of long but firm strokes helps aid the body's circulation while helping to relax the muscles from stress, muscle tightness and poor posture. 



1 hour: $65.00

30 minutes: $45.00


Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage targets the deeper muscles helping to release and relax the muscles. This is done by combining remedial massage techniques with more pressure and slower movement to target the areas of tension or pain.   



1 hour: $75.00

30 minutes: $55.00

Traditional Chinese Cupping


Chinese cupping is a traditional method which utilises glass or plastic cups that are placed on the skin in areas of tension and pain. Glass cupping uses the fire method to aid in creating suction when applied to the skin. Plastic cupping uses a pump action to ensure the right amount of suction is achieved. Both of these techniques help bring new blood to the area helping to release the muscles.


Fees (in addition to massage price):



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