Mindful Eating: Not just What, but also Why, How, When and Where. Part 1.

August 19, 2016


A great place to start when trying to overcome mindless eating is to keep a record of the foods you eat, your hunger level, and your thoughts and feelings pre and post consumption. This can be a little bit daunting at first, so we've created a simple template to help you get started - check out our homepage for the download!


Further to this, there are a lot of other influencers when it comes to food choice, and if mindless eating is a real struggle it pays to not just think about the types of food you're eating (the what) but also why, how, when and where you are eating. There is so much more to eating than just simply satiating your hunger, and by considering these questions it may help you identify particular challenges about your food environment and come up with suitable solutions. Think of it as taking stock of your health inventory. 



The Why.

Ask yourself what the reasons are behind your eating patterns? Is it simply that you are hungry? Or maybe you're full, but the food tastes sooo good you just need to have a little bit more...Bored?...Stressed? ...Sad or lonely? ...You want to treat yourself? ...Or maybe sometimes you just keep eating and don't realise how much you've had? Or don't even realise you are actually eating?


If this sounds familiar then it might be time to start making a physical record, not just a mental note, of all the reasons you put food in your mouth. Also consider what your go-to foods are in different situations. If you're stressed do you crave sweet foods? If you're depr