10 Ways To Get 10 Serves.

March 4, 2017


Scientists have recently upped the ante on us. It's a good thing. For years now the public health nutrition message in Australia has been to go for 2&5 - two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables each and every day. Do this and you lower your risk of developing heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, stroke and premature death. Now a major study has revealed that if you aim for 10 serves a day (around 800g) you will slash your chances of these diseases even further. It was estimated that if everyone were to follow this dietary advise we would prevent nearly 8 million premature deaths! There's a big problem though. The most recent national health survey (conducted in the 2014-2015 period) revealed that only 7% of Australian's are meeting the current guidelines of consuming five serves of vegetables a day...and now we are expected to have even more?!