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Four New Year Resolutions This Dietitian Wishes You'd Make.

Here we are, 11 days into the New Year. I hope 2017 is shaping up to be a good one for you. Thinking back to when the clock struck 12, a short eleven days ago did you have any resolutions in mind? If so how are they going? Are you still on the bandwagon going strong, or has that bandwagon crashed into a ditch and you are now one step away from getting a match and setting the whole damn thing alight? If you are in the latter situation… I'd say drop the match. Watch that bandwagon burn. Enjoy the fire. Maybe even toast a few marshmallows. If that bandwagon has already crashed, then it had a dodgy wheel from the start.

Nearly half of us make New Year resolutions - whether it be to eat better, exercise more, lose weight, give up smoking, so on and so forth. But here's the thing - according to some researchers it’s estimated that only about eight percent of us keep those resolutions. So why do so many of us fail? I’ve talked previously about the importance of setting SMART goals and I'd recommend checking that post out if you've never heard this term before. Often times our resolutions are too big, too vague, too unrealistic - so we're not making the right kind of resolutions in the first place, and then when we do fail we tend to beat ourselves up about it, and reach for the closest cookie.

Which brings me to the four resolutions this dietitian wishes you'd make this year when it comes to your health.


Lets be real - life gets hard sometimes, life gets busy, and its not always smooth sailing when it comes to healthy living. But think about it this way; when you were younger and learning how to ride a bike don't try and tell me you never took a tumble?! Did you give up then and there? No! You picked yourself up, brushed yourself off and got back on the bike. Maybe you kept your training wheels on for a little longer, but thats 100% ok, because those training wheels were just tools to help you get to where you needed to go, and you damn well got there. Failure (falling off) was just part of the process, and you know what? It always will be, it has to be, otherwise how can we learn and grow?

Same goes for healthy eating and exercising. The moment you stumble and have that cookie, or reach for that piece of cake DO NOT criticize yourself for it, and don’t write off the rest of the day, week, month or year. What good will this actually do? That is not a rhetorical question - go on and actually answer that for yourself; 'what good will it do me if I beat myself up over my slip ups'? Eat it, enjoy it, savour the moment, learn from it, and move on. Self hate, self loathing, and feelings of guilt will get you nowhere but backwards.