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We all know how important it is to drink enough water. Being dehydrated can have a negative effect on your energy levels, digestion, brain function and circulation, but raise your hand if you find it a struggle to keep up your fluid intake over winter? If so, then this might be a helpful little app to keep on your smartphone.

Name of App: My Water by Viktor Sharov.

The claim: My water helps you drink water regularly. Calculate your daily water intake and get notifications.

Application features:

  • Water requirement calculator

  • Reminders

  • Statistics in graph

  • Motovational awards

  • Useful tips about water

  • For the Apple folks this app supports Apple Watch and integrates with Apple Health.

The lowdown:

My water allows you to set reminder notifications at various time intervals over the day to help you keep track of your fluid intake. When recording your hydration you can also select the type of drink you have, which can be helpful if you are a coffee addict who's trying to kick the habit. In the free version you can choose from water, tea or coffee. If you upgrade to the premium version you can then select from multiple drink types. The app tracks your progress and also gives you the option of creating an account, which allows you to compare your progress against friends. Although a little gimmicky and likely of little interest to most users My water also awards you once you have reached certain hydration milestones. ​​

The verdict:

This app makes it easy to track your fluid intake over the course of a day (as long as you remember to use it!). For people that have little time to spare or find themselves getting caught up in work the app reminders are a great addition. This would also be a handy app to use if your doctor has you on a strict fluid restriction. I can say that after using this App for a week I am definitely making changes to my hydration habits. Would I use this app long term? No. But it is a handy app to use when making initial changes and trying to form a new habit, especially if you’ve never been one to drink much water.

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