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Want to Live to 100? Here's What to Eat to Get There.

At this week's Create A Better You session I spoke about Blue Zones. If you've never heard the term before, simply put, Blue Zones refer to the five regions of the world where residents are most likely to live to 100 years young. These people also tend to be very healthy, with much lower rates of chronic diseases when compared with western societies - they're not just living, but thriving!

At yesterday's session we covered the nine important similarities these communities share and simple tips for 'blue zoning' your life (check out Dan Buettner's Blue Zones website here for further information), but today I wanted to follow that up with a few recipes that adhere to the dietary principles commonly shared by these centenarians. For those that weren't at the session here's a quick recap:

1. Plant Based Diets

While most centenarians were not strict vegetarians, meat is typically only eaten about 5 times per month - and when it is, the serving sizes are small. Plants take centre stage at each meal, so try to make 90-95% of your diet vegetables (including a serve of greens