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10 Ways To Get 10 Serves.

Scientists have recently upped the ante on us. It's a good thing. For years now the public health nutrition message in Australia has been to go for 2&5 - two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables each and every day. Do this and you lower your risk of developing heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, stroke and premature death. Now a major study has revealed that if you aim for 10 serves a day (around 800g) you will slash your chances of these diseases even further. It was estimated that if everyone were to follow this dietary advise we would prevent nearly 8 million premature deaths! There's a big problem though. The most recent national health survey (conducted in the 2014-2015 period) revealed that only 7% of Australian's are meeting the current guidelines of consuming five serves of vegetables a day...and now we are expected to have even more?! It is achievable, but for anyone that may need a little help reaching this new target please have a read through the following suggestions. Even if you don't make your 10 serves a day straight off the bat, incorporating some of these strategies should up your intake of vegetables and fruit by a couple of serves a day - and that's one big step in the right direction. Good luck and happy eating!


My freezer always has some packets of frozen fruits and vegetables ready to go if I need them, and often times the nutritional value of frozen foods can be just as good as fresh produce - just don't boil the guts out of them! Frozen fruit and veg also saves you time and energy (no chopping, no peeling, no mess) if you get home late, or are exhausted from a big day. Chuck some mixed vegetables into a stir fry, soup or stew and sprinkle some frozen berries on your breakfast cereal.


Keep a container of cut up vegetables in the fridge right at eye level so its the first thing you see. Carrot sticks, green beans, strips of capsicum, cherry tomatoes, celery and cucumber sticks all have lovely flavours and a nice crunch. Pair your veggie sticks with a healthy dip like hommous, salsa or natural peanut butter and you have yourself the perfect snack.


Be a bit adventurous with your meal plans and forgo meat for a whole day every week, and don't be a cop out and just live off egg and cheese sandwiches! Try and ditch all animal products for one day a week, because this will force you to get creative with vegetables and fruit - try new foods and different flavours. You may find you start liking these kinds of meals so much you will be wanting to do more than just one day a week sans animal products....which would be AWESOME. You'd be doing your health a big favour and the environment a big favour too (animal agriculture is a major culprit when it comes to climate change).